Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Story of Us - Happy Anniversary!

For anyone that doesn't know it, the Story Of Us actually begins in the year 2000.   My sister, Samantha, worked at TJ Maxx with Mike’s Aunt Debbie.  One day Debbie said to Samantha that she had a nice nephew that had gotten divorced a few years ago and that she wanted to find someone for him.  Debbie asked Samantha if she knew of anyone.  Samantha told Debbie that she had a sister going through a divorce and it went from there. . . . .Samantha brought home a picture to show me.  When I looked at the picture I said “that’s Mike Wagner, at least I think that’s Mike Wagner . . . . “ 
Mike and I went to North Posey together.  He graduated in 1987 and I graduated in 1988.  Although we knew who the other was our paths did not really cross in high school.  He was an athlete and I certainly was not!!   It has been many years ago but I believe that phone numbers were exchanged and we talked on the phone quite a few times before actually setting up a first date.   I never will forget our first date and the moment he came to my front door on Washington Avenue to pick me up – I remember my heart racing and how good looking the guy standing in front of me was. . . . .from there the rest is history!   We will be forever grateful to Samantha and Aunt Debbie for matching us up!  Set ups don’t always work out but I am certainly glad that this one did! 
Here we are celebrating our ten year anniversary!   It is so hard to believe that ten years as husband and wife have gone by!  When trying to figure out what to do for our anniversary I thought back to what I did for our one-year anniversary together.    We were not yet married but I was so excited and wanted to do something really, really special so I put on my thinking cap! 
What I came up with was this – I wanted to put together a list of all the things that I could remember that we had done together during our first year!  After coming up with that idea, this is what came together!
I snuck into Mike’s apartment while he was gone to work one day and filled helium balloons with ribbons dangling to float on the ceiling.  On one of the walls in his apartment I put star cut outs in different bright colors – each star had on it something that we had done together during our first year together.  The two together, balloons and stars, totaled 365!  I placed a large note on the wall that read as follows:
Our First 365 Days
Happy 1 Year Anniversary Sweetie –Or 365 Day Anniversary!!
These 365 balloons and stars represent our first 365 days together.  Each star has a little “note” attached naming a movie, restaurant, event or activity that we have shared in the last 365 days!
All of these things have been things that we have done together.  Some of them may seem like little things that are of little significance but we did them TOGETHER.  Together with you is where I always want to be.
I Love You more and more each day and everything we do together no matter how big or how small means the world to me.
Just think about it – this is just our first 365 days together and we still have a whole lifetime together to  many, many more memories!!
I Love You – Happy Anniversary!

So when trying to figure out what I could possibly do for our Ten year anniversary to top that I just wasn’t sure!  After all 365 days x 10 years – that is a whole lot of days and I just didn’t think 3,650 stars and balloons was going to be possible!  I came across ideas of people taking pictures from the past and putting them together to form numbers – pictures from past events to form a “10” that seemed like a pretty  cool idea but you obviously aren’t going to leave the pictures in the shape of a “10” taped to your wall. . . so I decided to go a little further than that and in a little different direction! 
I decided to dig back through all my pictures from the last ten years (you know I’ve absolutely hated having to do that for this project – the biggest problem has been narrowing down the pictures to actually include) and put together a blog – year by year - of our last Ten years together as husband and wife!  I thought this would be fun not only for us to look back over the last Ten years but also for Josh and Amanda and some day Baby Robert and any other Grandchildren that we may have join our family!  To see the story of us!  The only problem is this, that I bit off a little more than I could chew this time!  Starting two days before your anniversary to go back through ten years of pictures just isn’t a lot of time!  So, this is just the first four years, I had hoped to get at least half way done but it is getting late and I figure that if you wake up you will be telling me to get my axx to bed! 
So, happy Anniversary Sweetie – I love you so much!   I hope you enjoy remembering our first four years together as husband and wife as you check out the blog of the Story of Us!  I will keep working on this and get all ten years done!  Make sure to check back because the years just seem to keep getting better and better, full of more and more exciting things!  My hope is to keep this going and update it each year as we celebrate another year or another 365 days together! 

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