Thursday, August 9, 2012


2004 Already!!!

This year included our First Superbowl Party at the new house!!  Although I call them parties they are usually smaller events for which invites are only sent to friends and family members who are true football fans!  There is no room for distractions during football season - football parties are to watch the game not to entertain guests!!!! 

Valentine's Day this year brought roses for me!

We hosted February and March Birthday dinner at our house and everyone with a February or March birthday had to have their picture taken with the birthday cake!!

February Birthday Girl Libby!
February Birthday Boy Scott!
February Birthday Girl Sarah!

March Birthday Girl Susan!
March Birthday Girl Stacy!
March Birthday Boy Doug!

The Spring brought fishing in the lake and a few new trees in the yard!!  Little did we know that the dogs would end up really, really enjoying the peaches from the peach trees!!
Spring also brought pouring our back patio and a camping trip to Lake Barkley area with my family.  This was one of the first camping trips for the "campers" - they did not even have their campers yet.  Mom used Granddad's camper and there was some tent camping along with it!  Memorable moments from the fishing trip were you catching a snake on your fishing pole and Lexie's bike almost rolling into the lake! 

In May we celebrated Mother's Day at the Fifer's house and Memorial Day at our House!

The fall of course brought Viking Football and Joshua was on the Homecoming Court!

It also brought September and October Birthday Dinner and Thanksgiving with my family which we also hosted!

After Fall, of course winter rolled around and this winter was sort of a rough one.  My family Christmas was to be held at Mom's house and you had to work.  The roads were so bad that the Fifers and I drove in together.  Since you couldn't make it because you had to work, we had quite a few little Christmases at our house too!!  We had "Our Christmas" one night when you got home from work at 1 am so we could all sleep in that day!  

We even ended up finding time to play in the snow! 

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