Thursday, August 9, 2012


On to 2005!  This year had some excitement!! 

In the Spring we put in some more landscaping, Josh was a Junior and of course he played Basketball, his favorite sport!  In the Spring my family also came to the house and we did family photos!  Our first attempt at group family photos, they didn't turn out too bad!! 



Spring time is also my birthday - this years was my 35th Birthday and you baked me a birthday cake! 

More work was done inside the house this year including installing our gas logs and painting the kitchen! 

Fall 2005 is when our big excitement for this year began!  Of course Josh played football!  This year was his Junior year and the Viking Football Team took us to the RCA Dome!  It was such an exciting time, one that we never wanted to end!  So many family members would come to Josh's game to watch all through regular season.  A lot also traveled to the Dome with us - this is a time that we will never forget!  Every week during the playoffs the football moms would go up to the high school and decorate the locker room for the boys.  And every week after a win, some of my family members would come and "decorate" Josh's bedroom!    I was even occasionally known to decorate the house or put signs in the front yard!   I believe I remember Josh saying that one of his buddies said to him "I wonder what Stacy is going to do this week!"   I am pretty sure there may have even been a Wagner Fan Club!   

Although the boys didn't end up winning the big game it was an exciting road to follow and we enjoyed every minute of it and are so glad that we got to go along for the ride!  

We were in Indy right around Thanksgiving time but we still managed to get in Thanksgiving dinner at our house when we got home!

I have to squeeze this in now (which is a little late) but we did have our first Wade Park Subdivision Halloween Party this year too!  I love to coordinate things so working with the Planty's and the Motz's to coordinate this party was right up my alley!  It was a great time!

Of course after Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone that gets us right back to Christmas again!  A new tradition was added at my family Christmas this year - a cabbage was added to be passed around the family at holidays and other special events.  I don't think the cabbage was around very long though and I have no idea where it ended up!   

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