Sunday, August 12, 2012


2006 Already!!! 

This year started out with another Super Bowl Party!!

Spring brought more work in the house!  Painting the living room and more landscaping! 

It also brought Josh's Senior Year of Viking Basketball and my crying my eyes out at his basketball Senior Night.   

Herrenbruck Family Easter this year was held at Sue and B's House!  Everyone seemed to enjoy Easter Games on the Lawn!  Josh and his partner had quite the advantage in the three-legged race!  There was such a difference in height that he was able to pick his partner up and move much more quickly than everyone else! 

Summer brought a trip to Dallas Stadium to watch the Colts vs the Cowboys!  Mike, Doug and I were supposed to be making the trip together.  I had never flown before and was quite nervous about it.  My dear husband and Doug thought it would be hilarious to put Doug in between Mike and I on the plane.  Yeah, great decision guys . . . . .it later turned out that Doug could not go and that left an empty seat between Mike and I on the plane.  Take a nervous wife + and empty seat in between her and her husband on the plane + a couple of suspicious looking characters boarding the plane = I was a basket case.  It ended up with no one sitting in between us but I just knew that the terrorist looking guy was going to be the one sitting next to me on the plane.  It also turned out that Joshua was able to go with us since Doug wasn't able to. 

We were flying out of St Louis so we decided to leave for St Louis as soon as Mike got home from work at 1 am.  I don't remember why but for some reason Josh had been up the entire night before too and he was slamming the energy drinks.  I think he drank about 5 of them. . . . our plane didn't take off for several hours after we got to St Louis so we had to hang out in the airport - long story short by the time we got to Dallas we were exhausted and didn't do much other than go to the game and then flew out the next day.  So there isn't much to tell about our visit to Dallas - what I can tell you is this Dallas fans don't appreciate Colts fans (Me) wearing Colts attire and cheering for the Colts while sitting in the Dallas Section. . . . it was a fun trip even though my Colts ended up losing. 

Summer also brought the loss of one of our family members.  Sam, our black lab.  Sam had been with me through a lot.  He had a tumor on his jaw that we let the vet do a biopsy on and it seemed to spread like crazy after that.  He was still eating and didn't seem to be in pain but he was loosing weight and the tumor was spreading and getting bigger.  One morning I woke up and called in to work as I knew it was time and that we needed to take him to the vet.  It was a very tough decision to make and even when I was down on the floor with him at the vet's office I still didn't know if we were making the right decision but I knew too that it was selfish to keep him here if there was any chance that he was suffering.  Before leaving to go to the vet we took pictures with Sam and went to the concrete store near our house and Sandy, the owner, was kind enough to set up a heart shaped mold with concrete that we brought home and pressed Sam's paws into and stamped his name into it.   We would place the stone in our "dog garden" the place that we would bury Sam when we brought him home.

Of course Fall rolled around again and we celebrated a few "big" birthday's this year!  First we celebrated Mom's 60th followed by Amanda's 16th and Sam's 30th!

Fall also brought more Viking football!  Every year, Patty, the owner of Harold's would  donate dumplings for the Homecoming tailgate party, the Senior Football moms would go up and help make the dumplings.  And, as with basketball, this was Josh's Senior year which meant another Senior Night.  Although this football season wasn't nearly as exciting as the year before, being that we love football so much, it was still a great one!!   With it being Josh's Senior year we hosted a football party for the team, cheerleaders and all their families.  This group of kids loved to dance and we had to download the electric slide song for them to dance on the yard!  It was a great time!

Fall also brought another Wade Park Subdivision Halloween Party!  We added some additional "help" to our planning crew this year the Gentils and the Sengs!  We live in a great subdivision and those parties were a lot of fun!!  We also got to attend "Spirit Night" at the high school which was quite an experience.  The most memorable "event" was the giant slip-n-slide that the kids were playing on.  They had put out tarps and were greasing then down with anything and everything (oil, shaving cream, eggs - you name it, it was on there!! And to top it all off it was cold and these were sliding on this thing and having a great time!  And of course Thanksgiving, hard to believe we were almost through another year! 

And, of course now we are back to Christmas again!! 


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