Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Our Wedding, August 10, 2002! 

Standing up with us were Samantha, Amanda, Doug and Joshua, my brother walked me down the aisle.  It was a perfect day for a wedding and the church was filled with family and friends! 

Our first year as a married couple was crazy to say the least!!  We sold our house on Washington Avenue just a few days before our wedding day.  The day after the wedding consisted of moving to a rental house to live in while we built our new home!  We also had a new resident in the house - Joshua had decided that he wanted to come and live with us and go to North Posey.  The days of the month of August 2002 were definately crazy times!   

Other high points in 2002 were -

In August we hosted my family August Birthday Dinner at the rental house.  The rental house itself was a little creepy but the lot that it sat on was pretty nice and worked out perfectly for the get together!!  The family went together and bought us a paddle boat as a wedding gift.  The end of the August get together was spent trying out the new paddle boat!

Josh started getting settled in at North Posey Junior High and played his first year of football as a Viking!! 

Amanda celebrated her 12th Birthday and Joshua celebrated his 14th Birthday!! 

In late October we traveled to Sea Grove Beach Florida for a belated Honeymoon Get Away!  Doug stayed at the rental house while we were gone to keep an eye on Joshua and Sam and Daisey! 

Work progressed on our house and by the end of the year it was under roof and work was begun on the inside! 

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